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The beauty of nature and landscape, the historical and cultural heritage with its archaeological and artistic richness: these are the ingredients having made Lake Bracciano the desired destination appreciated by tourists from different parts of the world. Three towns have been built on the lake's shores: Bracciano, Trevignano Romano and Anguillara Sabazia. Also the territories of Manziana, with a magnificent view of the lake from its main square, Oriolo, Monterosi and Sutri face the basin of the lake. 
With a surface of 22 square miles, it is the second lake by extension in the Lazio Region (second only to Bolsena) and one of the major lakes of Italy; as a lake of volcanic origin, it has a circular perimeter of approximately 20 miles. The lake is a drinking water reservoir for Rome, its surface is 541 feet above the sea level, with its deepest point deeper at 541 feet. 
The lake is surrounded by forests, olive groves and gardens. Its outlet is the Arrone river, starting next to Anguillara and ending in the Tyrrhenian sea near Fregene. A sluice constructed by the end of the 1700s is still working perfectly after having undergone restorations, to maintain water at a constant level. It feeds the Acquedotto Paulo, constructed at the time of Pope Paul V at the beginning of the 1600s in order to supply the Vatican with fresh water. 


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